Environmental consulting company GHE was established in 1991. In 2002 GHE became a member of the international corporation Earth Tech. In July 2008, Earth Tech has joined AECOM, a leading global provider of professional technical and management support services to both government and commercial clients around the world. AECOM provides services through a global network of 45,000 employees in more than 100 countries in a broad range of markets.

Within Czech Republic GHE is incorporated into the AECOM CZ group. The membership within the AECOM CZ group allows to GHE to explore capacities, human resources, expertise and technologies available in the whole Czech branch of AECOM.

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Since 1999 GHE has been certified with Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2008 and subsequently, in 2000, with Environmental management system (EMS) ISO 14001:2004.

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GHE provides the complex range of environmental services e.g. engineering geology and geotechnics, hydrogeology, consulting services, remediation of contaminated sites and environmental outsourcing.

Engineering Geology and Geotechnics

  • Engineering-geological mapping & engineering-geological zoning
  • Preliminary and detailed investigation for all types of constructions
  • Landslide investigation, slope stability calculation and design of protective measures
  • Evaluation of foundation pits
  • Engineering-geological supervision of construction and earthwork
  • Earthwork quality assurance, including plate load test and penetration tests
  • Geotechnical constructions

Significant Projects: Highway D 11 Chýšť Hradec Králové, geotechnical investigation; Highway D 47 Bílovec - Ostrava - Svinov; Route I/11 Ostrava - Mokré Lazce; Route I/46 4 Olomouc - Eastern tangent; Route Hodonín - Moravský Písek; Gas pipeline Žilina - Vsetín; Gas conduit Havířov, Formanská street; Engineering geology, TESCO, Ostrava Třebovice; Engineering geology, CARREFOUR, Ostrava - Vítkovice; Engineering geology, SIEMENS, Frenštát p. Radhoštěm; Engineering geology , Industrial area TPCA, Kolín - Ovčáry; Engineering geology, Industrial area POLDI Kladno; Engineering geology, archaeological park, Český Těšín - Hradiště podobora; Landslide investigation and rehabilitation, Ostrava, Pod bažantnicí street; Landslide investigation and rehabilitation, Karviná - Ráj



  • Hydrogeological mapping
  • Preliminary and detailed investigation of drinking and service groundwater sources, well installation and pumping tests
  • Groundwater sources yield evaluation & operation design
  • Design of protection zones of groundwater sources
  • Hydrogeological investigation of construction sites & dewatering systems design and installation
  • Groundwater monitoring, location of pollution sources and assessment of their impact on the environment
  • Groundwater (and soil) contamination assessment

Significant Projects: Water source, Petrovice u Milevska; Water source, Resort Pustá Polom; Water source, Vsetín; Dewatering, swimming pool, Břeclav; Dewatering, oil station, Karviná; Groundwater monitoring of Karviná Town; Groundwater monitoring, Landfills, Mital Steel, Ostrava; Groundwater monitoring, Municipal landfill Nové Dvory, Frýdek Místek; Groundwater monitoring, Municipal landfill, Hranice; Groundwater monitoring, Mini Iron Mill 3, Mital Steel, Ostrava; Groundwater monitoring, Coking plant Karolina, Ostrava; Groundwater monitoring, Veselí nad Lužnicí; Contaminated site investigation, Army workshops 026, Šternberk; Contaminated site investigation, Tarmacadam plant, Ostrava- Kunčice; Contaminated site investigation, brownfield " Nad Porubkou", Ostrava Poruba


Consulting Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A.)
  • Implementation of integrated prevention and pollution control (I.P.P.C.)
  • Environmental auditing
  • Waste management
  • Support to landscape and urban planning
  • Risk assessment of human activities and contaminated sites to the environment
  • Implementation and auditing of environmental management system (EMS)

Significant Projects: E.I.A. documentation, Minimill 3, Mital Steel, Ostrava; E.I.A documentation, Steel mill reconstruction, Škoda Plzeň; E.I.A documentation, route I/48E Dobrá - Žukov; E.I.A documentation, Panské Nové Dvory, Frýdek Místek; E.I.A documentation, gravel sand open-pit mine, Závada; E.I.A documentation, BAUMAX, locations Praha, Brno, Hradec Králové, Ústí nad Labem, Olomouc; E.I.A documentation, Shopping park Černý most, Praha; Landscape study "Protected landscape area Litovelské Pomoraví"; Landscape study, Špraněk; Water management study, Karviná - Ráj; Environmental audit, Mital Steel, Ostrava; Environmental audit, Autokola, Ostrava; Environmental audit, Eutech, Šternberk; Environmental audit, Foundaik, Hlubočky; Environmental audit, Coking plant Vítkovice, Ostrava


Remediation of Contaminated Sites

  • Assessment of contaminated sites
  • Design of site remediation programme
  • Design of groundwater remediation technologies and production of water treatment units
  • Contaminated sites remediation (groundwater, soil)
  • Landfill reclamation
  • Waste risk assessment
  • Supervision of remediation activities

Significant Projects: Karolina, Ostrava; Alfaplastik, Bruntál; Gas company SMP, 5 locations within North Moravia; Oil filling area ETB, Ostrava Třebovice; Engineering company HLA, Ostrava; Mital Steel, Mini mill, Ostrava; Army workshop company VOP, Nový Jičín; Switching station, Prosenice; Oil storage BENZINA, Žamberk; BAUHAUS, Ostrava; IKEA, Ostrava Zábřeh; Mital Steel, Coking plant, Ostrava; Railway lane, Svitavy; Railway lane, Bohumín; Landfill reclamation, Ostrava Hošťálkovice


Environmental Outsourcing

  • Waste management
  • Long-term environmental monitoring
  • Investment preparation
  • Training
  • EMS/ ISO 14000 Implementation

Significant Projects: Waste management, investment preparation, E.I.A, Dairy, Kunín; Environmental assessment, waste management, wrap management, air emission sources management, OSRAM, Bruntál



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